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• HB chamber - Oxygen


Oxygen is in addition to food and water is one of the three most important elements in biochemical and physiological processes. Oxygen helps brain to function, and the immune system to strengthen its defense capability.

The air contains about one-fifth oxygen (21%). The concentration of dissolved oxygen in the arterial blood is normal gas exchange in the lungs approximately equal to the concentration in the air. Dissolved oxygen levels were only a small percentage (1-3%) of the total oxygen in arterial blood. Much of oxygen (97%) is bound to hemoglobin.

Breathing pure oxygen under high pressure in a hyperbaric chamber causes higher concentration of dissolved oxygen in the arterial blood plasma. One can not survive without red blood cells, red blood cells, in which the hemoglobin as a depot - carrier O2. The advantage of such dissolved oxygen plasma that can come to places where red blood cells can not, because of their size. This oxygen is vital in situations in which the red blood cells or hemoglobin due to a pathological change are the ability to play their role (eg, carbon dioxide poisoning or massive blood loss).

Oxygen bound to hemoglobin is being carried by red blood cells, and if the person is healthy, they are already saturated at normal pressure. By increasing the oxygen pressure in the chamber is dissolved O2 concentrations. Thus dissolved oxygen through the bloodstream leads to damaged tissues and restores them.

Oxygen has the following role: if there is an area where it is due to poor blood supply enough oxygen plasma through it helps in the healing process. It also has an effect on bacteria, slows their multiplication or toxin production and improves the defense capability of white blood cells.

• HB chamber - Therapeutic use

The therapeutic use of hyperbaric chambers

Hyperbaric chamber therapy works by allowing greater concentration of oxygen in the blood. When decompression sickness due to rapid emergence to the surface of the release of nitrogen bubbles in the blood. The role of hyperbaric chamber to increase the atmospheric pressure is re-melted and bubbles to dissolve 'blood bubbles that act like clots and can clog blood vessels'.

Treatment with oxygen in the chamber is very important for a number of diseases. Mechanisms of action of oxygen on the injured tissue are different. Oxygen reduces swelling with narrowing of the blood vessels, helping the growth of connective tissue, increases the effect of leukocytes (white blood cells) against bacteria and viruses, the right detoxification of the body and reduces the harmful effects of inflammation. Restores fibrocytes, osteocytes, nerve cells ..

• HB chamber - Indications


- Emergencies

• gas gangrene
• gas embolism
• diving disease (decompression barotraumatic and air embolism)
• burns
• Kras syndrome and Blast injuries
• poisoning by carbon monoxide, smoke and steam
• soft tissue infections
• suddenly occurred deafness and noise in the ear
• Sudden blindness
• Bell's palsy


• circulatory disorders
• acute and chronic suppuration of bones
• gas gangrene
• burns and frostbite
• aseptic necrosis of the hip
• un-healing fractures
• Birger disease, Rejn's phenomenon
• Morbus Sidek, subacute, and chronic arterial insufficiency of various origins
• massive blood loss
• slow-healing wounds
• compromised skin flaps
• serious injury with circulatory disorders
• radiation induced tissue damage


• acute rheumatic arthritis
• ulcers in the stomach and duodenum
• Crohn's disease and ulcerative inflammation of the colon
• Diabetes with complications
• diabetic gangrene
• diabetic foot

- Neurological and Neurosurgery DISEASE

• autism
• dizziness, headache, migraine
• multiple sclerosis
• cerebral palsy and mechanical brain injury and spinal cord injury
• brain abscesses
• pre-selected brain stroke
• Brain swelling (as a result of inflammation, poisoning, injury and damage to brain circulation)
• Early organic brain syndrome (a disease of the small blood vessels)
• impotence in men and infertility
• management diseases
• weight loss ('burn' is 400-600 calories during one session)

- In Otorhinolaryngology

• sudden deafness
• trigeminal neuralgia
• vestibular disorder
• sudden deafness and noise in the ear

- In ophthalmology

• retinopathy
• obstruction and thrombosis of the central retinal vein
• diabetic retinopathy
• open-angle glaucoma
• sudden blindness


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